AWS Group Provides Unparalleled Electro-Mechanical Assembly

‘Global EMS provider specialises in high technology box-build’

Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK – August, 2017: AWS, one of Europe’s leading Specialist Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers, has recently announced a continued revenue growth for the fifth year in a row, with high technology electro-mechanical assembly services at the forefront of contributing factors to growth.

Unit Assembly Worker

AWS offers full product and sub assembly build, with experience in a variety of market sectors such as the medical, scientific, security, defence, industrial controls, data storage and many more.


Past projects have spanned across a range of products, from relatively low value items, selling out to customers in the region of £50-100, up to scientific instrumentation products at a value of £3-50,000, and on through to full radar systems worth £150,000+. AWS are also able to offer a low-cost offshoring option to customers with labour intensive assembly requirements, at its CEE facility in Námestovo, Slovakia.

Paul Deehan, CEO, comments: “We are delighted to have seen a fifth year of continuous growth at AWS. The area of both full build product assemblies and high-end electro mechanical subassemblies (sub-systems), continues to be a major part of our business. Many of the products we build have significant levels of complexity and roughly 70% of all boards that we build go into a higher level full product build or sub-assembly product build.”

In addition to electro-mechanical assembly, AWS are available to provide services covering the entire electronic life-cycle. Rapid prototyping and NPI requirements are met by AWS’ dedicated Fast Track facility and team, whilst manufacturing capabilities across cables, box build and PCBAs are offered at its UK facility and mirror-image plant in Slovakia. Finally, the AWS Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Centre (MROC) provides critical repair services to both current and legacy equipment.